This page gives answers to questions frequently asked of Carclin’s team. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us.

What products does Carclin offer?

Carclin’s assortment consists of products for the complete cleaning (interior and exterior) of cars and trucks. Think of:

  • Precleaners
  • Shampoos
  • Drying, preservative, and gloss agents
  • Acid cleaners
  • Degreasers
  • Special cleaners
  • Tank-cleaning products
  • Hand cleaners
  • Accessories and service products

Where can I order Carclin products?

Distributors and resellers can order Carclin products directly from us. Please navigate to the products you want on our website and fill out the form with your order.

We have a reliable distribution network within Europe.

End users, such as car washes and truck washes, get our Carclin products via our resellers.

In what quantities do the Carclin products come?

The Carclin products are available in standard quantities, such as:

  • 20-litre can
  • 200-litre drum
  • 1.000-litre IBC
  • Bulk tank (upon request)
  • 25 kg bag

More information can be found on the page which contains detailes about Carclin packaging.

What are the delivery times for Carclin products?

Within the Netherlands and Belgium, we can deliver within five working days. 

What about sustainability and the environment?

Part of Carclin’s assortment consists of liquids and powders that are completely free of phosphates, EDTA, and NTA. These products are unique, in part thanks to their environmentally friendly composition. The fact that they are biodegradable, makes them suitable for a wide range of uses in the car and truck wash segment.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can order Carclin cleaning agents that are free of raw materials, such as hydrofluoric acid, solvents, and hydrocarbons, making them non-toxic.

Carclin products are highly concentrated, making them guaranteed practical and cost effective to use. If there are certain ingredients that you do or do not want in your cleaning agent, you can easily filter for that when ordering online. Are the properties you’re looking for not listed? Please contact us. Odds are we can still help you.

We are responsible for our employees, partners, and shareholders. Because of our commitment to the environment and society, our focus is on technologies and products that combine sustainable development and the interests of our customers effectively and transparently.

What is Carclin exactly?

Carclin is one of the product lines under the umbrella of Synerlogic, founded in 1905. We are aimed at the development, production, and distribution of ingredients, food additives, chemistry and cleaning agents, and disinfectants. We meet the BRZO and the Seveso standard.

All activities take place at one location in our state-of-the-art production facility at Centerpoort in Duiven, the industrial estate near the A12 motorway between Arnhem and the German border. From here, our products for industrial cleaning are delivered all over the world.

You can read more about our decision to use the Carclin brand name for all out industrial cleaners here.

Why should I choose Carclin products?

The development and production of chemical cleaning agents takes a lot of time, knowledge, and expertise. Synerlogic has years of experience in the industrial cleaning market. At our production location in Duiven near Arnhem, Synerlogic has its own R&D department. 

At our production location, Carclin cleaning agents are manufactured with great care and consideration for safety. A number of our (tank-cleaning) agents, for example, meets the strict requirements of the American NSF certification for food safety.

We like to go beyond what’s legally required, which is why we’re in the top five of the BMWT ranking of safest warehouses in the Netherlands.

Innovation and international training are a constant process at our company, in order to stay up to date on the rapid developments in the car wash, truck wash, and tank cleaning sector.

Would you like to learn more, get advice, or request a quote?

Carclin stands for service, quality, safety, sustainability, and a personal touch. We offer our customers practical products as well as advice.

For questions, advice, additional information, or a quote, we’re always at your disposal.