Carclin products for industrial car and truck cleaning come in all the standard quantities. These are the most common volumes for the packaging of our cleaning agents.

  • 20-litre can
  • 25 kg bag
  • 200-litre drum
  • 1.000-litre IBC
  • Bulk tank (upon request)

Extraordinary containers

  • Carclin Alu Extreme: 18.6-litre can, 186-litre drum and 930-litre IBC.
  • Carclin Handcare Scrub comes in 60-litre drums or boxes of 4 x 4.5 litres.
  • Carclin Handcare Soft comes in a box of 15 x 1 litre.
  • Carclin Rubber & Plastic comes in tins of 10 litres.
  • Carclin Cockpit comes in 10-litre cans.
  • Carclin Odour Fresh comes in boxes of 4 x 5 litres.

Pallet information

The table below shows the number of containers per europallet or block pallet.

Quantity Units on pallet Factor
Can 10 ltr 60 units europallet 1
Can 20 ltr 24 units europallet 1
Drum 200 ltr 2 units europallet 1
Drum 200 ltr 4 units europallet 1.5
Bag 25 kg 40 units europallet 1.5
IBC 1 unit 1.25

A truck normally has room for 33 europallets. Usually they transport a combination of europallets, block pallets, and IBCs. Use the indicated calculation factor to arrive at 33.

Packaging contents

Based on the colour of the can, it’s easy to determine the contacts of a container.

Type of product pH value Can colour Cap colour Comment
Acid; cleaning 1 to 6 red red  
Acid; drying & preservation 1 to 6 red black  
Neutral 6 to 9 transparent black  
Alkaline 9 to 15 blue blue  
Highly alkaline > 11.5 black black High concentration of lye
Solvent (no pH) N/A black black  

Safety measures

Please note: always read the label and any pallet information. Specific safety information about the products can be found on the Safety Data Sheets that we have created for each product.

Returning empty packaging

We collect empty packaging in the Netherlands when we deliver the next shipment. We reuse empty packaging and transport materials, or recycle them efficiently.