Carclin: the story behind our new range

The industrial cleaning agents of K-apex, part of Synerlogic, will continue under the name Carclin.

While we previously offered the brands M-Clean and Carclin under the organisation K-apex, we will now combine all activities related to industrial cleaning under the name Carclin. The names M-Clean and K-apex will cease to exist.

We would like to briefly explain to you why we’re doing this below.

A Little History

Synerlogic made two acquisitions some years ago. The brand Carclin was acquired from Henkel AG & Co. M-Clean was acquired from SC Johnson.

The complete range of car and truck wash products under the brand names Carclin and M-Clean is particularly broad and varies from general cleaning products to specialty cleaning agents for specific types of dirt.

Our own developers at our Research & Development department have thoroughly analysed SC Johnson’s and Henkel AG & Co’s product portfolio, reshuffled it, and improved it.

For instance, we acquired one line of products that complement each other well and that offer our customers effective solutions for a variety of circumstances.

We included the latest insights regarding professional car cleaning and truck cleaning in the new Carclin product line, also when it comes to legislation, the environment, and sustainability.

Take a look at the changes in our product range.

One product line, one name

A new product range needs a new presentation. In order to make things more recognisable and clearer, we only want to offer a single product line with one name: Carclin.

With Carclin, we offer the leading brand for industrial cleaning agents for car wash, truck wash, and tank cleaning. The new product groups offer solutions for all applications and types of dirt.

With the introduction of Carclin, we also gave our website a complete make-over. The improved layout and navigation make it easier to find the product you want quickly.

In the future we will continue to invest in the development of new products, as the parent company Synerlogic has been doing for over 115 years.

You can expect an entirely new product line of tank cleaning agents from Carclin later in 2020. And that won’t be the only new thing we’ll be offering.

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