From mid-April IBC without outlet nozzle

At Carclin, we are working on a daily basis to make our processes more sustainable. An important part of this, together with our supply chain suppliers, is to take a critical look at the use of plastic. And reducing plastic production wherever possible.

This has led to us supplying our IBC’s without an outlet nozzle from mid-April. We have informed the customers concerned about this. In most cases, the outlet nozzle does not appear to be used. To strive for plastic reduction together, we ask our customers to also take a critical look at their own business processes. And perhaps they will then also experience that the use of an outlet nozzle is unnecessary.


The Intermediate Bulk Container, or IBC, is the most commonly used packaging for chemicals. The IBC has a 1. 000 litre tank, is rectangular (100 by 120 cm) and stands on a pallet.

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