Use of new perfume raw materials

At Synerlogic, producer of Carclin, a safe and healthy working environment for your and our employees is paramount. As a BRZO company, we take this seriously because we work with (potentially) hazardous substances every day. As an employer, we are responsible for ensuring that our employees can work in a safe and healthy environment and we find it important that this is also the case for product users. That is why we regularly improve the composition of our cleaning products 

Safe cleaning with cleaning products

As a manufacturer, we make, among other things, cleaning products that, besides water, consist of a composition of chemical substances. This composition ensures that the dirt disappears and leaves a pleasant odour. Both we as producer and you as user know that there are all kinds of rules and instructions for use to apply the product properly.

A number of products involve working with substances that carry more risks. These types of products require extra attention to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. An important aspect here is to minimise the use of harmful substances.

Why substitute raw materials

Not only we, but also industry and government agencies are investigating chemicals and what impact they may have on our lives and environment in more and more detail. Governments also keep track of which substances are harmful or of concern to us, such as carcinogenic. All this can lead to new insights that make us want to replace some substances. We respond to this by seeking alternatives so that we can make our products better and safer.

4 steps in safe(er) working

The Working Conditions Act helps by providing tools to improve safe working practices. For instance, there is the work hygiene strategy. This sounds complicated but consists of 4 simple steps:

Step 1 – Replace a hazardous substance
Step 2 – Apply a technical measure
Step 3 – Apply a collective measure
Step 4 – Provide personal protective equipment

We first aim to replace; this is not always possible because there is no alternative or because remediating a substance creates an even greater risk. Think of worse cleaning or an unstable product. Then the second step is considered: a technical measure. For example, a zero-emission filling station so you don’t expose employees to the substance. Then you can take a collective measure by adjusting the way you work. The last step is to control the final risks by personal protective equipment.

Perfume substitution Carclin products

Currently, we have found alternatives to a perfume we have been using until now. For example, these current perfume raw materials are ZZS and CMR classified. These categories of chemicals are allowed but are known to be harmful and we want to act on them. As Synerlogic, we are committed to replacing such substances with effective alternatives to make our employees and our customers safer and healthier. This means that we will replace these perfume raw materials. We have informed the affected customers about this.

Explanation of harmful substances

As mentioned, the current perfume raw materials now contain ZZS substances and CMR substances. We would like to explain what this means.

  • ZZS substance

This is a substance of very high concern that can be very dangerous, which is why the RIVM investigates its harmfulness to humans, animals and the environment. For example, the substance can have an impact on reproduction or be carcinogenic. In the case of a (p)ZZS, the P stands for Potential ZZS substance; so it is suspected to be a very harmful substance. In the latter case, a substance may also be less harmful after all, so it is no longer considered a (p)ZZS. The government informs about this.

  • CMR substance

CMR stands for substances that are carcinogenic (carcinogenic), can affect our genes (mutagenic) or are harmful to reproduction and/or offspring (reproductive toxic).

What does this mean for our Carclin products?   

  • The relevant raw materials are replaced in the products below.  
  • The new perfume raw materials do not affect the cleaning ability of the product; the quality is maintained.   
  • We aim for a similar fragrance, but it may vary slightly. 

It concerns the Carclin products below: 

Carclin Powder Multi   Carclin Shampoo MultiPlus   Carclin Degreaser Pro  
Carclin Interior   Carclin Shampoo Poly Fresh   Carclin Foam Multi  
 Carclin Fabric  Carclin Shampoo SuperFresh    

Effective date

From 22 June 2023, Carclin products (with the exception of Carclin Fabric) will be delivered with the new perfume raw materials. For Carclin Fabric, the effective date is 1 December 2023.


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