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Carclin detergents

The worldwide widely known brand Carclin is respected for its high quality cleaning products for industrial applications, like car and truck wash and other heavy duty vehicles. K-apex International took over all Carclin activities from Henkel AG & Co in 2013 and developed the product line further.

The Carclin product line includes phosphate free liquids and powders. These products can be used widely in car and truck wash facilities and distinguish themselves through, among others, their environment friendly composition and biodegradability. Carclin cleaning products are produced free of solvents, oil derivatives or silicones. They are also free of raw materials like carbon hydrogen and hydrogen fluoride acids and therefore non-toxic.

Carclin products will rapidly demulsify the contamination and are themselves neutralising. This makes them suitable for any sewage system. They are also very economical and effective in use, because of their highly concentrated composition.

The Carclin products are the result of many years of experience in research and development for industrial cleaning worldwide. The product range continues to be developed, so that you are always assured of high quality products meeting the highest legal requirements. Carclin take their responsibility with regard to securing (product) quality and safety.

Carclin cleaning products are developed in-house by K-apex, according to European (environment) regulations, such as REACH. The production is ISO 14001 certified and meets Responsible Care standards. The result is socially responsible production, respecting the environment. Carclin products are available in several package units, among which 20 litre canisters, 200 litre barrels and 1.000 litre IBC's.

The Carclin product range includes:

  • Acidic cleaners
  • Alkaline cleaners
  • neutral shampoos
  • degreasers dry-, protect- and polish products
  • maintenance products
  • special cleaners
  • hand cleansers and accessories